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Big Sky Mavericks: Collection I - Fantastic Fiction

I received this book as an e ARC free from Netgalley Below is my is a ton, and I mean a ton, to like about this book Meg Zabrinski is 95 that s 6 She s an expert in her field that s two She recognizes and accepts her changing priorities in her life that s three She loves wolves that s four Henry Hank is an amazing grandfather at a relatively early age that s five He really loves his grandkids and will fight with everything he has for them that s seven He is passionate I received thi [.]

Best Read [Debra Salonen] Montana Maverick (Big Sky

Every couple has a story. Good times and bad. When you ve been married to Marietta, Montana s infamous "Fish Whisperer" for forty-odd years, Louise Jenkins fears the "What should I leave out?" stories may outnumber the "Wasn t that the best time ever?" memories. But, their part of their love story is definitely worth sharing.

Montana Darling (Big Sky Mavericks Book 3) - Kindle

I work best with smart, demanding people. Professional challenges enable personal growth and helping clients achieve their goals makes me happy. Setting up Big Sky has helped develop my skill set (try me – ask me to do something I am an expert Googler) and moreover, has proved that I can make a difference in my clients 8767 lives.

Caitlin Kendall worked as a Secondary School English Teacher for 65 years before joining Big Sky PA. She has taught at renowned schools in both the UK and Hong Kong and is the founder of Woodland Writers, an initiative which offers outdoor creative writing workshops.

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FamilyMeg is at her cabin, she decided to take time off and write a book It s Christmas Eve and she hears something She calls 966 to see about help and is told no one can get there She goes and finds Henry in his downed helicopter with his 9 grandchildren and the dog What happens after makes a wonderful family.

Making such a big move changed EVERYTHING. I had to think seriously about what success, contentment and peace of mind meant to me. I had to find my Big Sky. I love doing interesting, challenging work for interesting, challenging people in a dynamic, collaborative, forward-thinking culture. I also love my wilderness HQ, where I can be completely connected with my clients in a distraction-free work environment – so I created Big Sky PA.

When their newly enlarged family gathers to celebrate Christmas, Louise and OC share that gift most precious of truth. Unvarnished. Some good. Some bad. A real life love story of two survivors who gave each other gifts beyond price and stayed together because love makes all things possible.

In her spare time, Caitlin has recently completed her MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University and is currently working on her debut novel for Adults. She lives in Northumberland with her two children and three unnecessarily large dogs.

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